A successful painter for over thirty years, Irene Borg has never waned from her mastery of color. Whether capturing the nuances of skin tones in her figurative work or expressing the broad scope of colors in a bouquet of fresh flowers, Borg paints layers upon layers of color to create depth, intensity and vitality.


A native Californian, Borg studied at the Pasadena Museum as a teenager and attended the prestigious School of the Arts (formerly known as Chouniard Art  School). Early in her career, she studied with Sergei Bongardt and Joseph Mendez, nurturing her passion for figurative art. The body of work that grew in these years focused primarily on mothers and daughters and the romantic innocence of youth. Prints of these popular series continue to be distributed throughout the U.S. and around the world.


Borg’s recent inspirations have come from the warm European countryside, abundant with vineyards, gardens and fields of flowers. She paints the romance of a place where life is slower, pleasures are simple and beauty surrounds you. Her paintings reveal a presence of hope, optimism and spirituality. Deeply metaphysical herself, Irene Borg approaches each painting as an expression of her own sense of wonderment toward life—with color acting as a tool that helps her capture it on canvas. In today’s world, one can lose oneself in a Borg painting to find tranquility or a sense of the unknown, a belief in all that is good about life.